Saturday, March 19, 2011

Making my Birdcage Veil

I made my veil today!
I didn't take pictures of the process but I have pics of the final product.
Veil Material and Flowers purchased at Nicholas Kneil.
I am in love with his shop... Everything is the best quality!
The flowers here are actually the first thing I bought for my Wedding in January 2010.
Time flys... I thought 18mos was a long engagement but it seems like Matt proposed just yesterday... 
Oh how I love that man... 

I made the flowers detachable so after the Ceremony I can take off the veil and just wear the flowers...
I am sure it will look a lot better when I am wearing makeup and my hair is curled... LOL

I had to add a little "Something Blue"

View from the front... Just over the eyes, so no lifting to get a kiss... lol...
I think it turned out great!
I am really starting to get excited!

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