Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dress Teaser

I am so excited!!! i finally got my "Dress" I am planning on wearing my Grandma's dress for the ceremony, and wanted a "Vintage-like" dress for the reception... I found the perfect one,( ordered it, and miracle of miracles IT FITS!!!! Booty and all!!! I love the way it looks... just a few modifications to the top and we will be ready to go... The shoes I found for $39.. "Unlisted Satin Platform Pump" in ivory from DSW; match perfectly... I think I just want to make some silk flowers to go on the side instead of the bow that it has, and use similar silk flowers on the dress rather than the applique sequin flower that came on it. All in all I am soooo happy with this dress... the way the fabric feels, the way it hits just at the shins for a perfect 1950's feel, and the "It" feeling I got when I tried it on... Perfect!!! Here is a "Dress Teaser Pic."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Bump In The Road

Well.... I have hit a bump in the road... or perhaps it could best be described as a snag.... The dress I ordered was not made with a "Lesley Girl" in mind... In other words the entire dress fits like a glove except for the "Booty" Now for anyone that knows a "Lesley Girl" they know that we are blessed in the derriere department.
So... I have decided to start from scratch because the work to fix the dress is too extensive. I have decided that I want to wear my Grandma's Wedding Dress for the ceremony, and just find a reception dress...
Here is what I have come up with so far... I also have one more dress in mind if this one doesn't work. Hopefully, though, this dress will be more "Lesley" friendly! It has a 40's feel which is what I am going for, and will be easy to dance in! Since we are having a daytime wedding I think it will be perfect... I even found a gorgeous pair of shoes to go with it!!!