Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Gift = Something Old

My darling love surprised me with a wonderful wedding present!
Knowing my love of all things vintage... he bought me a vintage diamond ring.
It is from the early 1900's it is Platinum with a 1ct Round Old European cut diamond.
Just in case you don't know anything about diamonds... They don't cut diamonds the same way they used to a long time ago... The modern cut for a round diamond is called a "Round Brilliant"
The Old European Cut has different facets and gives off a different light...
I am so excited to have this piece of jewelry... It has it's own story and long life... I am sure it will bring a special luck and wisdom.. as it has been through this "marriage thing" before!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wedding Shower Video

is a GENIUS!!!
I don't know where she comes up with these ideas, but I am glad she does!!!
She made a movie out of some of the pictures from the shower...
It reminds me of an old time silent movie!!!
Take a look....


Making my Birdcage Veil

I made my veil today!
I didn't take pictures of the process but I have pics of the final product.
Veil Material and Flowers purchased at Nicholas Kneil.
I am in love with his shop... Everything is the best quality!
The flowers here are actually the first thing I bought for my Wedding in January 2010.
Time flys... I thought 18mos was a long engagement but it seems like Matt proposed just yesterday... 
Oh how I love that man... 

I made the flowers detachable so after the Ceremony I can take off the veil and just wear the flowers...
I am sure it will look a lot better when I am wearing makeup and my hair is curled... LOL

I had to add a little "Something Blue"

View from the front... Just over the eyes, so no lifting to get a kiss... lol...
I think it turned out great!
I am really starting to get excited!

Making Fascinators for the Bridesmaids

I decided to make fascinator hats for all of the bridesmaids...
I ordered the hat base from
She is in the UK but shipping was fast and the hat bases are very nice quality!
I used a bowl to make circles on the material I purchased at JoAnn's Fabrics.
I had my coffee and was ready to go!

After tracing the bowl I cut the fabric...

Fabric a bit larger than the hat base..

Time to Hot Glue!

Started with small sections

Slowly glue and press...

almost done...

Trim the leftover fabric

Yay... all 6 complete! Time to Decorate!!!

Flowers purchased from Nicholas Kniel
This one is for Angela





Here is what they look like on...

Not sure which one is my favorite... I like them all... each one is unique!
Can't wait to see all the girls wear them!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Button Button Wedding Shower

My Mom, Grandma, and Sisters threw me a Button themed Wedding Shower a couple weekends ago! It was so much fun! They had everything from Button Cookies, Button Cupcakes, to actually making Button Rings! I had a blast!!! I have the best most creative family in the world! Thank you so much! I love you all!
Here are some pics!
Feeling Like a "50's Housewife" Cleaning in my heals and makeup before the guests arrive.
All thats missing are my pearls!
(50's Vintage dress from Crafty Crow Vintage

I made dresses for the girls to wear. Of course Juno the "tomboy" ruined hers before the guests arrived, but at least my talented and "quick" photographer sister Hope got this pic.

Daisy loved her dress and wore it all day... She loves to pose for the camera! Little Ham!

Button Cookies!

Of course I HAD to try them before everyone got there!

Yummy Cupcakes!

With Buttons made from fondant!

Should I eat this??? Hmmm... So tasty... but must fit into my dress in June!

Sweet Love

Table set up for the Button Ring project

A few pre-selected choices...
Mrs. Kelley did an amazing job sorting through and setting these up!

I had such an amazing time!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Vet Visit & First Mrs. Posey

It was time for Daisy's first vet visit...
We needed to get her up to date on all her shots and also get her checked out and make an appointment to get her spayed...
So I made the call to set the appointment.
When Matt got Juno for me he set her name up as Juno Posey and that is what she is under at the Vet's office. He was the one to take her to get spayed and to get all her shots and every time I would go they would say... "and what is your name mam" and every time I would tell them.. Joy
This had happened about 4 or 5 times and had become a running joke between Matt and I ...
A few days before I went to pick up Daisy, Juno had a run in with the neighbor dog and had gotten bit.
Of course being the overly-protective parents that we are it required a vet visit and as Matt was busy this was the first time I had taken her to the vet on my own.
This time when asked for my name and saying Joy they finally put my name in their computer system.
All this backstory to now get to the day that I called to make an appointment for Daisy...
They asked for my dogs name and I stated that Juno was the current patient there but now we also have a new baby named Daisy and then they asked for my name to set the appointment so I said Joy, and they said...
Ok... Mrs. Posey I have you down for Saturday at 11:30...
This took me a little by surprise but instead of correcting them I just smiled to myself and said...
"Saturday at 11:30 will be perfect."


Daisy was not quite sure why we were in this strange office...

       She began to look a little worried...

I think I hear someone coming...

Mom... This is not cool... Dad... tell Mom this is not cool...

Are we done yet... I am bored now...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Adding To The Family

As if planning a wedding that is steadily getting closer and getting settled in my new job is not enough...
I decided that I wanted a new addition to our little family...
With a little, not so difficult, persuasion of my Love we started looking for a French Bulldog.
We have wanted a French Bulldog for almost two years...
They have a wonderful laid back, funny personality and are little couch potatoes.
That is perfect for us since our current little girl Juno, aka Nana, loves nothing more than to sit in front of the space heater on a chilly day!

 (Here she is... Looking like she is going to take over the world with her laser beam stare!)

After some thorough searching we decided on a little girl and set an appointment to take Juno to meet her. 
We drove over an hour and when we arrived the lady said that she had already adopted her out...
This was quite a blow... we had already chosen a name and were very excited. 
Sooo... after a few tears were shed I started looking again...
and long story short last week
I came home with a little
She an Juno have been getting used to one another...

Playing together...
Walks together...

My Love and I take them to the park... They LOVE car rides!

Meal time is a favorite of both!

Waggy World... The local dog park is a fun hangout to burn off energy.

Mom... I am the prettiest...
No I am...

I love both my girls and am very happy that our little family is coming together..
In June we will all be Posey Girls!